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Our Services

Get Questions Answered In-Store and In-Person

Where should you get your CPAP supplies, portable oxygen, or home medical equipment? We recommend you talk to the experts here at Medlogic. With six locations serving Alabama and the Mississippi and Florida gulf coast, we have a location close to you. Our caring experts are here to help you get the services you need close to home.

Medlogic's services include: 

  • CPAP selection assistance in-store

  • CPAP mask fittings by Respiratory Therapists

  • Quick and easy CPAP reorder 

  • A variety of portable oxygen concentrators

  • Questions answered in-person by experts 

  • Oxygen tanks filled in our stores

  • Overnight oximeter measurements and readings

  • A large showroom where you can see and learn about the equipment 

  • Respiratory experts in-store to answer questions 

  • Caring, trained customer service professionals

Tell your healthcare provider that you choose Medlogic!


How can Medlogic serve you today? Visit the Medlogic online catalog to see more products and what we offer. Please contact us with questions.